Blender 2.8 for beginners Sword creation
Deville Julien
35/8h (Finish)
Blender 2.8 for beginners Sword creation
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This course includes:
8 hours video
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Blender 2.8 for beginners Sword creation
Blender 2.8 for beginners Sword creation
$19.00 $39.00 52%off
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Blender 2.8 for beginners Sword creation
Deville Julien
35/8h (Finish)
This course includes:


This case-based course is for how to use Blender. From the course, you will acquire a comprehensive range of knowledge including software interface, tools, modeling, digital sculpture, map baking and rendering.

This course is officially verified by Blender, the entitled “versatile 3D software”. The training tutorials from the instructor consist of three courses, and this course is the third one. Specifically, this course lasts 8 hours and covers 36 sections.

Course Highlights: This course covers a broad spectrum of knowledge in Blender, ranging from software interface to tools operation. With case-based analysis, the instructor will elaborate on every point of knowledge. 

Target Learners: Blender beginners, 3D beginners, 3D designers

This course covers 36 sections and lasts 8 hours.

You will acquire skills to apply Blender 2.8.


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| Blender: The Open-source, Cross-platform and Versatile 3D Software |


Blender: The Entitled “Versatile 3D Software”

Blender is an open-source, cross-platform and versatile software for 3D animation production, which offers a set of solutions to modelling, animation, materials, rendering, audio process, as well as video clipping and editing. Blender is compatible with multiple user interfaces that serve different purposes. Also, it is scripted with Python, supports plug-in Yafaray renderer and built-in game engines. Blender is designed for media practitioners and artists all around the world. As a tool for 3D visualization, Blender enjoys a variety of functions, most of which support high-ploy models to be shaped. Plus, the powerful shortcut keys sustained by the software enable you to work more efficiently.

| Senior Artist's In-depth Analysis of Blender |


This customized course for Blender is the third one of a training trilogy, which features the latest version of Blender 2.8 and lasts 8 hours in total. The instructor will give you a comprehensive introduction to under interface, operation techniques, modeling cases, baking, rendering and ambient lights effect. Beginners or moderate users can all benefit from the course!


The modeling part

【要上线】Blender 2.8 全面入门学习教学-第三部简介


Core Information

  • This part has a focus on how to achieve assets modelling in Blender. The instructor will show you how to model for sword handle, sword handle protector and sword blade, as well as things that you should pay attention to.


Chapter One


Software: blender


Baking map

【要上线】Blender 2.8 全面入门学习教学-第三部简介


Core Information

  • In this part, the instructor will explain how to bake normal maps. You will get know the project settings before baking, and things that need your attention. You will use maps to bring out different effects on parts of a sword, practicing skills of sculpturing high-poly models, projecting textures and applying materials.


Chapter Four


Software: blender


Introduction to Rendering

【要上线】Blender 2.8 全面入门学习教学-第三部简介


Core Information

  •  In this part, the instructor will explain how to create shaders for the sword. You will learn to create strong metal effect, and use a range of maps to bring out different ambient lights effect.


Chapter Six


Software: blender

| Two Reasons for You to Choose the Blender Tutorial |

The All-in-one Blender Course

From Theoretical Concepts to Case Practice


While the 1st and the 2nd course already touch upon tools and command parameters in Blender, this course serves as the 3rd one to introduce the latest version Blender 2.8. This course starts with new features of a new user interface, a few changes in user operation and things to notice. Next, the instructor will use simple geometries to explain basic concepts such as modelling. After that, a case practice by the instructor will help you take a deeper look at how to achieve assets modelling and add details on parts of a sword.

The All-in-one and Efficient Blender Course

All the Useful Skills to Grasp!亮点1.jpg

The course will show you the core work flow of processing a project. You will learn to make UV maps, bake maps, add patterns, sculpture details for high-poly models, render models and create ambient lights effect. By joining the sophisticated instructor, your Blender skills will be improved a lot.

Tutorial Directory & Update Plan |

Chapter 1 Lowpoly model creation

1.Introduction-Blender 2.8 overview

2.Adding reference images

3.Grip modeling

4.Blade modeling

5.Guard modeling


Chapter 2 High Poly model creation

6.Adding details in edit mode 1 the grip

7.Adding details in edit mode 2 the blade

8.Adding details in edit mode 3 the guard

9.Grip's strap creation

10.Adding details in sculpt mode 1 the guard

11.Adding details in sculpt mode 2 the grip

12.Adding details in sculpt mode 3 the blade and the strap


Chapter 3 UV Mapping

13.Unwrap the low poly model

14.UV Islands edition


Chapter 4 Baking textures

15.Baking the normal map

16.Baking ambient occlusion map

17.Baking cavity map

18.Baking color map base

Chapter 5 Texture paint

19.Adding details on cutting edge

20.Adding details on the grip

21.Adding patterns on the blade

22.Fixing baking problems


Chapter 6 Model presentation

23.Shader creation

24.Render image with cycles

25.Render image with eevee

26.Turnaround animation


Chapter 7 Export the model

27.Export .obj file

28.Import in Sketchfab

29.Import dans Unity



Chapter 8 Bonus Texturing avec Substance painter

30.Import the model

31.Layer system overview

32.Layer system management with brush

33.Layer system management with polygon fill

34.Layer system management with stencil

35.Export texture set and render in Blender


| Tutorial Parameters |



  • Name

  • Instructor

  • Content

  • Length

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  • Project file

  • Blender 2.8 for beginners Sword creation

  • Julien Deville

  • 1080P HD tutorials + project files + Q & A Service (No Expiry Date)

  • Approximately 8h/ 36 tutorial videos

  • Blender

  • No limits

  • Blender Beginners, 3D Beginners, 3D Designers

  • Course Files

| What can you learn  from this tutorial? |


Construct a comprehensive framework of basic concepts, and familiarize yourself with the core work flow in Blender 2.8.


Acquire the skill of assets modelling. 


Grasp the skill of map baking for models.


Learn to apply the advanced function in Blunder, such as sculpturing details, rendering models and setting lights.

| All the Useful Techniques form the Senior Artist |


Julien Deville

Julien Deville comes from France and has been a 3D designer/freelancer and trainer since 6 years ago. 8 years ago, he self-learned Blender by reading electronic books and taking online courses. At present, he uses Blender in a majority of his running projects. He has spent half of his time teaching Blender to local companies that want to use the software, and to artists or professionals who want to improve their Blender proficiency.

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Deville Julien
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