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3D Female Character From Concept

Admission Time: 2021.03.25~2021.05.31

Course Begin: 2021.06.01~2021.08.22

Feedback: Live Feedback during Q&A

Group: Private Group

Admission Time: 2021.03.25~2021.05.31

Feedback: Live Feedback during Q&A

Course Begin: 2021.06.01~2021.08.22

Group: Private Group

Vahid Ahmadi


12 WKS

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    Skill Level

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      (Payment in 4 instalments by)


      Noted: Hire Purchase will have $N service fees plus and can’t enjoy discount at the same time. If the purchaser fails to full fill the payment on time, the access to the course will be frozen until it is paid.

      Skill Level

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      Seats: 70 under, Course Begin on 2021.06.01

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      12 weeks

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      The purpose of this course is making beautiful 3D model from start to finish without any skip and turning a 2D concept into 3D.

      We’ll starts with ZBrush with face and body and base posing and doing the tools in Zbrush, then we have Mari, Marvelous designer, substance painter, Xgen, Arnold, Maya, and Zbrush UV layout. Last two weeks are special weeks for tweaking and finalizing everything and adding best feeling possible to character including XGen, lighting, color schemes, cloth tweaks, material tweaks, and finally compositing in photoshop.

      Lessons and Content

      12 weeks videos + 4 weeks homework feedback


      Maya (or equivalent), Mari (or equivalent), Arnold (or equivalent), ZBrush, Marvelous Designer or zbrush for making cloth, Substance Painter.

      Project File

      All the necessary files along, incluiding base mesh, texturing files.


      Must have ok information and intermediate knowledge of Zbrush, Maya, Mari, Substance Recommended

      Vahid Ahmadi

      Vahid Ahmadi is a CG artist and digital sculptor, from Bolivia, currently living in Iran, Tehran. He has been working in CG since he was 17 years old and has more than 10 years of experience. Now as a freelancer, he has made 3D character models for many companies and game studios, such as Bluepoint Games, KingSoft games, Seasun games, Darksidetoy collection company, Rcb collections company, Capcom.

      His works have been featured on the ZBrush home page and have won several art awards, including “Aries”, which was made in 2018 and exhibited in ASIAGRAPH 2018 as an outstanding work.

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      Weekly Plan


      Blocking body and face and making pose reference / making right scale for maps / making base pose / modeling the eyes a / making very basic lighting to see the eyes and unwrapping the face and eye parts.

      Skin Test

      Painting albedo map and displacement map / Import both albedo and dis map to zbrush to apply and starting for texturing and suing polypaint / Using extractor brushes and plane to grab the texture and boost up the texture and export skin albedo to Maya to test render and assign materials to it / Making lips smoother and nudge the polypaint and making rigged eyes and mirroring eyes.


      Very quick intro about marvelous tools / Making the sleeves, overcoat, scarfs in MD / Export to Zbrush to refine / Making collar in ZBrush and cleaning up mesh and edges and folds / Adding thickness to mesh and adding uvs and reconstructing mesh subdiv / Cloth brushes of 2021 / Paint dragon and using techniques to make strokes look very sharp.


      Modeling sword part using zmodeler and new features in zbrush 2020 and 2021/Using the radial system and curved tubes and make flower-shaped-like on the sword/Making buckles and fabric parts hanging from the hanger and adjusting/Blocking dragon shape on the hat with zbrush tools such as topology Curve brushes and matching them on the surface.

      Scupting and Cloting Refine

      Continue the Last week content to refine our sculpting and clothing, make it look more detail and perfect. In this week we are going to make logos ready for substance painter stamps and adjusting and making tools in zbrush and making pose and armor look better.

      Hair Grooming

      We start to groom the hair and hair parts of character;
      XGen in Maya/Hair, eyebrows, lash, peach;
      And we use unwrap in zbrush and maya uv layout to unwrap;
      MD ready files are available for student to see and study;
      Note we switch to maya 2020 update 4 for having a better and faster viewport;
      Results as well as using of GPU to preview faster.

      Xgen Grooming Continue

      We will start grooming rest of xgen under hand and xgen in smaller parts and we will use zbrush latest update which is 2021.5 with Thick Skin Feature.

      Furs on Cloth and Tweaking Face

      We will work on fur on the coats and tweak the face and make materials for Character hands;
      Finalizing pose of hands,sculpt and polypaint;
      Adding noise to the hair color to have little color variation;
      Tweaking eyes and light and removing dismap error;
      Make up effect using Arnold mix shader;
      Making of water drops in zbrush and rendering in maya;
      Making pins on the coat.

      Substance Painter to make textures for tools and cloth

      We will start completing the pose in zbrush and transfer that to maya and we transfer hair xgen tweaking all the aspects of character including texture, lighting, materials, xgen and all the aspects.

      Making of uvs and id masks in zbrush and texturing in substance and export and render in maya Arnold;
      Convert xgen to polygon, correct cloth and make udims for main cloth;
      Making the cloth material in substance painter and how to use alphas for cloth creases in substance painter and zbrush / adding details;
      Making back fabrics on the the skirt and render.

      Material Tweaking

      We do some tweaks in cloth and pose and we do the rest of substance painter materials;
      Sculpting on the bigger fabrics under sword and making uvs;
      Sculpting big fold on the coat before substance painter;
      Updating uvs;
      hat armor unwrap in zbrush and maya;
      Rendering cloth and scarf and exporting new meshes and dismaps;
      Making new textures in substance painter;
      Peach fuzz xgen on forhead and eyebrows.

      Tweaking, lighting, shading, texturing and final compostion

      We’ll go and add many more details. We will correct face, eyes, xgen grooming, lighting, shading, textures, etc until the final composition;
      We find the flaws in external software and import it in to photoshop to see what make face and eyes look better;
      Making flying hair in the front and add more depth to the hair;
      Making iris brighter and refining skin and eyes’ setting;
      Redoing coat sleeves and some notes related to its pose.

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      Skill Mastery

      Skill 01

      Making the face in Asian style and how to use different references.

      Skill 02

      Hair grooming using xgen for character.

      Skill 03

      Techniques for texturing and shading for film character.

      Skill 04

      Making the skin polypaint better by using xtractor brush and using history recall brush to give it intensity and using Zbrush color adjustments and export dismap and color to Maya and making node for Zbrush dismap.

      Skill 05

      This workshop is full process of almost every essential tool of zbrush 2021 and huge use of polypaint in zbrush 2021 with tips and tricks and features like new cloth simulation and using tools such as Zmodeler, topology brush, uv master, etc…

      Skill 06

      At the end of this Wokshop, you will have strong knowledge and experince about converting a 2d concept into 3d by using nowdays industry powerful tools such as zbrush, mari, maya, xgen, Arnold, substance and Marvelous designer.

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      How it works Our student community is welcoming, diverse, and growing rapidly.

      Slide Study Stage

      Client Side Explanation

      Tool tests before the class begin, and explain related functions.

      Course Format

      The course format is pre-recorded videos + Live Feedback once a week.

      Course Begins

      In the second week, you will need to pick up concept art for your project and after that complete each week's assignments. Step-by-step, follow along with the tutor to build up your own personal project under weekly efforts.

      Slide Assessments

      Project Assessment

      Submit the final persoanl project to the designated platform for tutoring assessment.

      Attendance Rate

      The attendance rate will be recorded and calculated.

      Scholarship Evaluation

      Ranking List will be according to the sum-up of the Assessment Score and Attendance Rate.

      Can I get any discount?

      • $40 Tuition Waiver
        • Policy 1
        • The first 10 learners choosing full payment can enjoy a $30 discount.
      • 50% Tuition Waiver
        • Policy 2
        • For the student who creates excellent artwork and wins first place in the student submissions, Wingfox will return 50% of the tuition fee as a prize!
      • 60% Attendance Rate
        • Policy 3
        • Students who have 60% attendance rate and submit homework at least once can obtain the graduation certificate.

      How much does it cost?

      Pay in installments or in full

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      Q: What is the format of this workshop?

      This workshop includes three parts, namely recorded classes, live broadcast of real-time artistic tutorial and guidance for final project.

      Q: What are the requirements for enrollment?

      This workshop is an advanced tutorial, which requires basic practical capabilities for related software, which includes proficient operation for Zbrush, basic for Houdini, basic for Photoshop, basic for PureRef and basic for Marvelous Designer.

      Q: Will I get feedback on my assignment from lecturer?

      The artistic tutorial is an important component of this workshop. lecturer will provide guidance and feedback on assignments in weekly live boradcast, enabling learners to branch out skills and knowledges to more projects.

      Q: How long will this Workshop be available?

      Theoretically, recorded videos of this course can be learned repeatedly after purchase. But real-time artistic tutorial live boardcast is only provided during the workshop.

      Q: Can I download the videos?

      For IP protection, all the video can only be watched online. Learners need to use a software provided by Wingfox to watch the videos.

      Q: What are the payment methods?

      You can choose full payment or installment payment after subscription. (Note: Installment payment will cause service fees. At the same time, you can only watch the class under the current subscription. If you cancel the subscription, you can’t watch the following classes.)

      Q: Can I get any discount?

      1. The first 10 learners choosing full payment can enjoy a $30 discount.

      2. For the student who creates excellent artwork and wins first place in the student submissions, Wingfox will return 50% of the tuition fee as a prize!

      3. Students who have 60% attendance rate and submit homework at least once can obtain the graduation certificate.

      Q: Can I contact with the lecturer after the workshop?

      Wingfox is dedicated to build a bridge to professional designer for our learners. We would create a discord group for your future communication in the industry. We hope students in the workshop can also be friends in the industry.