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Unreal Engine 5: Cyberpunk Environment Production

Skill Level

System: A mid-range PC is recommended since we will be working with high poly objects.

Feedback: Assignments Feedback

Lecturer: Mihai Muscan

Lessons: 179 lessons / 70h

Update Policy: Monthly

Content: HD videos + Project file

Group: Private Group


    (Payment in 4 instalments by)


    Noted: Hire Purchase will have $N service fees plus and can’t enjoy discount at the same time. If the purchaser fails to full fill the payment on time, the access to the course will be frozen until it is paid.

    Course Introduction

    This course will take you through the entire process of making a modular cyberpunk style scene with multiple software, including reference gathering, scene concept planning, scene blockout, high poly modeling using open subdiv, material assets creating, texture mapping, UE5 lighting settings and real-time rendering, etc.


    Course Feature

    Environment Design Introduction

    Brief theory what is optimal reference, how to collect it and what aspects should paid attention for, assets choosing and categorization.

    Lighting Design

    This course will help you master how to Import the scene into Unreal Engine 5 and refining the night time lighting setup for the location to lock the look and feel of the environment.

    Complex Assets Design

    Creating Complex highpoly environmental assets using the Subdiv technique.

    Slide Course Breakdown Composition with examples Seek More Advice

    What Is Included?

    Private Discord Group

    You are not the only one on road. You could get help from others, learn from others. Most importantly you will get feedback from the instructor.

    Assignments Feedback

    The masterclass will have an assignment section. After submitting your assignment you will receive feedback from the instructor, giving you actionable steps to take your work to the next level.

    Lifetime Access

    After signing up for the Masterclass you will immediately receive access to all lectures. ( Hirepayment will get part of the access).

    Case Presentation

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    Core Knowledge Points

    This course will focus on creating an ominous sci-fi environment using our own custom created assets and lighting.

    01. Creating Rough Blockout

    Creating rough blockout for the whole location in 3DS Max.

    02. Creating Rough Blockout Lighting

    Importing the scene into Unreal Engine 5 and making basic night time lighting setup for the location.

    03. 3D Modelling Assets

    Creating simple/advanced/complex highpoly environmental assets using the Subdiv technique.
    Creating the plastic carpet environmental assets inside Marvelous designer.

    04. UV-ing Simple Assets

    Preparing the assets for texturing by creating their UV islands.

    05. Texturing: Creating Smart Materials

    Creating smart materials that will automatically react based on the curvature, ao and normal map of the assets with explanation and theory.

    06. Creating a spline based blueprint to use for cables inside Unreal Engine

    Re-placing all the previous blockout assets with the final ones and further enhance the composition and story telling with explanation and theory.

    07. Making final environment set dressing inside Unreal Engine

    Re-placing all the previous blockout assets with the final ones and further enhance the composition and story telling with explanation and theory.

    Real-time Artist

    Mihai Muscan

    Born and raised in Bistrita, a Transylvanian town from Romania. Self-taught artist. 6 years experience in-house and freelance 3D Environment & Lighting Artist. Self motivated and have a strong passion for learning new tools/techniques and open to exchanging knowledge.Placed 1st in The Rookies North America and 3rd Highly commended in The Rookies Awards 2019 Game development category.
    Cyberpunk 2077, Astartes part 5, Post Malone x Pokemon 25th anniversary, Un-announced feature animated film with Duncan Studio.

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    Q: What do I need to do before learning this tutorial?

    The course will teach from the basiscs of every software until the final result is reached. All students regardless of their level will have something to learn and push their kownledge further, either if it’s technical or artistical matter.

    Q: Is there any project file provided for the tutorial?

    The entire project files will be provided from every software that we are working in.

    Q: Can I download the videos?

    For IP protection, all the video can only be watched online. Learners need to use a software provided by Wingfox to watch the videos.

    Q: What can I benefit the most from the tutorial?

    A complete step by step guide on how to create game environments/assets/textures/lighting and solve the techincal/ artistical problems that will come along the way.

    Q: What are the payment methods?

    You can choose full payment or installment payment after subscription. (Note: Installment payment will cause service fees. At the same time, you can only watch the class under the current subscription. If you cancel the subscription, you can’t watch the following classes.)

    Q: Who is the target audience of the tuorial?

    Everyone who wants to enter the game industry

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