Happy 23Black-Friday Day!
Mystery Box 【paid $9 for a chance.】
An official box by Wingfox (provably fair, can't refund)
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1. Buy a course of more than $30 to get a free chance,or paid $9 for a chance.
2.You can get a free mystery box by sharing this page link to Facebook. Each account can only share once.
3. If you get any course repeated, you can either give it to your friends and families as a gift, or contact us to redeem a $9 coupon (can be used for any purchase).
4. The mystery boxes are based on probability. Fairness is guaranteed, and no refunds of the mystery boxes are allowed.
5.If you refund after purchasing the course, the free mystery box courses will be invalid.
This product is a special blind box product for the Black Friday event. If you win the relevant blind box, please contact our customer service for manual redemption: Email wingfoxcg@gmail.com
Workshop &Masterclass
Game Character Modeling
Environment Creation