Surprise Egg Hunt
An official egg by Wingfox (provably fair, can't refund)
Unegging record
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1.During the event, each website registered user can participate once per day.
2. Users can earn extra chances by sharing the event or purchasing products during the event. Orders must be paid for within the event period; canceled or refunded orders are not valid. Refunds will revoke the lottery eligibility, and winning prizes will not be reissued.
3. Physical prizes will be delivered within 14 working days after the event ends. Winners are advised to contact the academic advisor promptly to claim their prizes.
4. The participant and the winner must be the same person; lottery opportunities are non-transferable or for sale, otherwise, winning eligibility will be revoked.
5. If a user cheats or behaves inappropriately during the event, the platform reserves the right to terminate their participation and pursue legal action.
6.The interpretation of the event rules belongs to Wingfox website.
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【SCI-FI Environment】
【Cinematic Art】
【Character Modeling】
【Blueprints Game】
【Environment Design】