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Lucid, a Fantasy Character Illustration Tutorial
Lucid, a Fantasy Character Illustration Tutorial
40,868 Views · 12h40m · Tutor Livia Prima


Category: Concept Design Lessons: 23(Finish) Software: PhotoShop

Notice: The course is end for 22 Lessons/ 12h41m.
All the tutorials on our website are not available offline. English is not the tutor's native language, so some videos are not dubbed.
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Content: Understanding the art brief, Sketch Alternatives, Rough Color Alternatives, Rendering, Detailing, and Final Polish;
Software: Photoshop;
System: Digital pen / tablet required;
Project file: Some brushes (Dopaprime2020.abr)


Lucid, A Fantasy
Character Illustration Tutorial

This tutorial will show you how to paint a fantasy character from zero to finish. Livia will show you some tips and tricks, and ways to speed up your painting process. This is a process used in many illustrators in the industry, to make sure you get a good result in a tight deadline. The artwork is done in a desirable style and format for card game clients, so if you are looking to get into the industry, this tutorial is made specifically for you. If you want to learn digital painting, the brushes, the secrets, the behind the scenes, etc, this tutorial is for you as well.


About Instructor


Livia Prima

Art Director

My name is Livia Prima, and I am an Art Director at Polar Engine Studio in Indonesia. I have been working professionally as a digital illustrator for 4 years. My painting style is a mix of semi-realism and anime, with fantasy as the main genre.


What can we learn from this tutorial?
Is this an advanced tutorial course?

A Fantasy Character Illustration Tutorial

The procedure/workflow of painting a card game illustration, the tools and brushes, the painting technique, the fundamentals of digital painting, and the tips and tricks used in the game illustration industry.

This tutorial can give you more insights if you are determined to be a professional illustrator who wants to know about the level/ standard required in-game illustration industry, and also if you want to learn digital painting in general.



Tutorial Directory

Class 1: Introduction
Class 2: Reference Research
Class 3: Workspace and Tool Settings
Class 4: Rough Sketch
Class 5: Rough Thumbnails
Class 6: Detailed Sketch 1
Class 7.1: Detailed Sketch 2
Class 7.2: Detailed Sketch 3
Class 8: Intro to Color
Class 9: Transitioning to Color
Class 10.1: Refining the Color 1
Class 10.2: Refining the Color 2
Class 11: Intro to Rendering
Class 12: Refining the Face
Class 13.1: Refining the Body and Outfit 1
Class 13.2: Refining the Body and Outfit 2
Class 14.1: Refining the Body and Outfit 3
Class 14.2: Refining the Body and Outfit 4
Class 15: Rendering Overall Illustration
Class 16.1: Detailing the Character 1
Class 16.2: Detailing the Character 2
Class 17.1: Detailing the Character 3
Class 17.2: Detailing the Character 4
Class 18: Detailing the Character 5
Class 19.1: Enhancing Details with Photos 1
Class 19.2: Enhancing Details with Photos 2
Class 20.1: Enhancing Details with Photos 3
Class 20.2: Enhancing Details with Photos 4
Class 21.1: Polishing 1
Class 21.2: Polishing 2
Class 22: Final

Suitable For Trainees
Those who want to get into the card game illustration industry, and those who want to learn about digital illustration in general.

Lucid, A Fantasy
Character illustration Tutorial


Livia Prima

Art Director